Instructions to create your first landing pages are available in this article, you can craft and build advanced brand experiences that are shoppable, Our rich widget library includes shopping actions, social media embeds, video, conversations, AR/VR, surveys, store locator and more to help you craft delightful brand experiences that suit your Ad objective.

Let us create a stunning brand story using brand-owned assets like Hero image/video, Advance Product Carousel, Storelocator & Social links in an easy-to-use drag & drop manner. Preview available in this link

Step 1: Go to "Create a landing page" under the landing page builder app

Step 2: Select the template as "Story Board" and click the "Create your story" button

Step 3: Select the theme for the landing page, know more about themes here

Step 4: Assigned the widget using the drag/drop function, there is a range of widgets available on the landing page platform.

4.1: Assign a Hero Video/Image to the landing page, instructions are available here

4.2: Add Products to feature on your landing page, instructions are available here: Simple Product carousel and Enhanced Product Carousel

4.3Add a Store Locator to activate omnichannel shopping from the list of widgets, instructions are available in this article

4.4: Add your brand's social handles to lead users to your social pages. Instructions are available in this article

4.5: Click "Save & Proceed" upon adding the required widgets on the landing page

4.6: Copy the Landing page URL depending on the platform where the campaign is going live. More information about the UTM and platform information are available in this article

4.7 Send the tags and pixels to the Shopalyst support team, steps to integrate/implement are available in this article

Shopalyst offers multiple templates for you to choose from based on your campaign objective, for example, the Awareness template allows you to build a landing page that is optimized to educate and boost awareness of your product. 

Looking for more help? Instructions to reach out to support are available here.