Widget Name: Related Products

This widget is ideally used to showcase your products that are related to the Category/Subcategory of the products which were assigned to the primary widget.

Steps to add Related Products on your landing pages

Step 1: Enter Segment Title

Step 2: Add the display option based on how you want the products to be seen either in a carousel or in a grid format. You can check the box near show product price or show product discount if you want the product pricing or the product discounts to be seen

Step 3: Click on sort options and you can choose how your products will be displayed based on low to high pricing OR low to high discounting

Step 4: Follow the below steps to select and Add desired products from the available products into your campaign

  • Search for the products you wish to add into your campaign by using either their EAN or title OR you can add the desired product by selecting next page 


  • Click on the product image and a tick mark will appear which means your product is added, Similarly, you can untick the selected product to remove them from the campaign


  • Repeat the above steps to add multiple products to your Landing Page


Looking for more help? Instructions to reach out to the support team are here.