Shopalyst leaderboard

In today's digital world, the value of having relevant data to make informed decisions is paramount. BKG leaderboard is one such offering from Shopalyst which visualises how your brands perform across various cuts and dimensions in a category over leading merchants & marketplaces.

Data ingestion into the leaderboard

All product types follow a hierarchy structure that Shopalyst unifies across different merchants using advanced AI/ML models. We call this the normalised taxonomy.

We have defined sets of division, category, subcategory and article type which forms the normalised hierarchy of Shopalyst which is neutral across digital marketplace(merchants)


Once the articles are sourced from different merchants Shopalyst uses different AI/ML models to tag them into the normalised nomenclature of Division Category Subcategory Articletype

The analysis and visualisation can be done at the subcategory level or the article type level. Subcategory must be selected for the analysis which will give the prominent brands and their ranking within the particular subcategory.

The analysis can be done at an article type level which will give the prominent brands and ranking within the particular article type.

The level at which the analysis is done is called a node.

High-level look of Shopalyst BKG leaderboard

The high-level view of our leaderboard is shown below. It shows the 4 pillars of the leaderboard. All pillars have 3 levels of views out of which the first level view (L1) is shown below.

This gives the ranking and prominent brands within the article type.

The period for which the analysis is derived is for the month. The month can be selected from the dropdown as shown below.

For any month the data will be available post 15th of the same month. For eg. the data for July will be available post 15th of July and all the ranking we see is for the same month which will remain the same until 15th of August.

The 4 metrics measured are

  1. Sales velocity
  2. Discoverability
  3. Visibility
  4. Buyability

The metrics are derived with logical surrogates to understand how the brands are performing

  1. Sales velocity is the share of digital shelf which is derived using the share of search. For a detailed walkthrough refer here
  2. Discoverability is the share of search derived using share of search for the traits or keywords in the relevant category. For a detailed walkthrough refer here
  3. Visibility is the share of voice derived using the content from the official social media handles of the brands. For a detailed walkthrough refer here
  4. Buyability is derived from the availability, discounts, ratings and reviews. For a detailed walkthrough refer here