The more visible your brand is, the more impact it can create on your sale. 

The visibility score of your brand indicates how vocal your brand is, in the digital space.

All the ad banners and views across the merchant sites and your official social handles respectively are considered to calculate visibility scores for your brand in the Shopalyst BKG leaderboard.

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Shopalyst BKG leaderboard calculates the visibility score of your brand based on the most significant 2 digital elements as listed below

I. In-store visibility: The ad banners that are displayed on the merchant sites

II.Off-store visibility: The number of followers, engagements and store views from the brand's social media handles

What you see below is called the 'high-level' view of the leaderboard which shows all 4 pillars with high-level scores.

Visibility score from level 1(high level) view

The share of visibility score of a particular brand from across the merchant sites and the social media handles is considered while calculating the overall visibility score for the specific brand. The banners which occupy more space on the merchant sites are called hero banners and are given higher weightage. The products at a specific level will compete with the other products at the same level thereby enabling uniformity in the derivation of visibility score.

Also, the L1 view shows the month-on-month change in the visibility score for the particular brand.

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Level 2 (Detailed) view

The 3 merchant sites shown for each brand on the leaderboard are based on the score of the brand on each merchant site.

For example, if the category of your brand has top scores for visibility on Amazon, Flipkart & Nykaa these 3 merchants' scores will be shown. The merchant sites are listed in descending order of the scores.

The banner ads within a particular category only are considered to derive the scores of a brand within that category. This is the intelligence that is fed into the system to make the visibility score logical.

If the hair care category has 10 banners on a particular merchant site and your brand banners are 2 out of these 10, your visibility score on the particular merchant site is 20%

I. Level 3 (in-depth) view of in-store visibility

This is a granular view of the factors across the top 3 merchants which impact the instore visibility score. To understand the factors in detail click here

II. Level 3 (in-depth) view of off-store visibility

This shows the off-store visibility scores based on the brand scores from across 4 social media handles as shown below

  1. Facebook
  2. Youtube
  3. Instagram
  4. Twitter

To understand the factors affecting offstore visibility in detail click here

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