Today we live in a world where the attention span of users is shrinking day by day. They want to consume information in a bite-size manner with a lot of personalization. Hence it is imperative to craft hyper-personalized brand experiences with an easy option to buy from your favorite retailers.

Experience Builder helps craft delightful and shoppable experiences from any digital touchpoint(Facebook, Google, Youtube & Snapchat to name a few). Landing Page is a microsite of the brand site. 

The article demonstrates the steps to create a Landing Page in just under 5 minutes.

Now the next logical step is to question which creative asset to use for the Landing page. The answer is pretty simple- Based on your campaign objective the landing page can be created.

Marketing Funnel

Based on the campaign objective, Landing Page can be customized mainly focusing on whether the campaign is targeted at Top of the Funnel, Middle of the Funnel, or Bottom of the Funnel.

The following campaigns can be taken as references to get inspired 

AWARENESS: Johnie WalkerGlico

CONSIDERATION: Maybelline; Bobbi Brown

CONVERSION : EnfragrowL'Oréal Paris

Furthermore, the link to create Advanced Landing Page can be found here 

Looking for more help? Instructions to reach out to support are here.