All your landing pages from different media platforms can be shoppable and engaging with the ready-to-use templates available in the Shopalyst Experience builder app. Find more details about the templates in this article.

You can utilize the same landing page on different platforms if you choose to create a landing page using a custom template. However, Setting up the UTM parameters is very important to track the performances of the campaigns on multiple platforms. 

Your landing page URL might be shared by different campaigns from multiple media platforms, we suggest adding the UTM parameters that uniquely determine your campaign in order to identify the attribution Eg: adding the media campaign id or name in the utm_campaign parameter.

You can copy the preloaded landing page URLs for major platforms available on the screen given below. However, you can utilize the "custom" template for the custom UTM to generate the URL based on the platform where campaigns are going live. You can add up to 5 UTM parameters for a landing page.

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