We have integration with major eCommerce sites in over 30 countries, which allows you to add products from these sites to your landing pages. You can, however, contact our support team to verify if the merchant you would like to list on the landing page has been integrated with us.

Here is the screengrab from the landing page which allows your users to choose the eCommerce to shop from.

In addition to Merchant integration, we can also integrate Brand owned eCommerce sites as well.

We support different checkout modes, depending on the feasibility of the merchant site, following are the different checkout modes that we support on the landing page

  • Shop at Site

    Redirects users to the retailer's product page, wherein users need to complete the purchase of the product on the eCommerce platform/site.

  • Add to Cart with a login: 

    This allows users to add products to the retailer's cart and redirects users to the retailer's cart page, however, this process will require users to log in with their retailer's credentials.

  • Remote cart flow

    Redirects users to the retailer's cart page instead of loading the product view page.

  • Instant Checkout

    Allows users to complete the purchase on the Shopalyst landing page

The integration process with us for a new merchant involves two steps i.e. 1. feasibility check and 2. integration by our catalog team, which takes 2 to 3 weeks for the process. We would recommend planning your campaign activities with the newer merchants on the landing page according to the ETA provided by the Shopalyst Support team.

Please contact the Shopalyst Support team to check your merchant has been integrated with Shopalyst already, if your merchant is not integrated our support team will help you in the process. Steps to contact our support team are available in this article