All landing pages

Our platform offers a holistic view of the performance of all of your landing pages across 4 key dimensions: Channel, Consumer, Catalog & Commerce. Additionally, it allows you to get the data for Estimated GMV (Gross Merchandise Value) and AOV (Average Order Value). 

Multiple tabs within the landing page performance reporting help you analyze your landing page performance in different aspects.

Channel Tab:

  • Measure your traffic sources and distribution, with a trend view
  • Filter by UTMs, device, and location to understand which ads and/or assets are working harder for you

Consumer Tab:
  • View unique & repeating visitors, devices that users are shopping from, and top locations 

Catalog Tab:
  • Measure the On-Shelf Availability of the products in your landing pages and the discounts offered by retailers/marketplaces on your products and catalog
  • Get Out of Stock Alerts in your inbox for the catalog featured on your landing pages.

Commerce Tab:
  • Gain insights into the shopping funnel. View Store Visits, Product Views, Conversions, GMV, and AOV for your landing pages.
  • Gain insights into conversions by the merchant, top products, and top products split by merchants

The "All landing page" 
app provides you with the data in two different dashboards for all your landing pages, i.e. Media Insights & Landing Page Reports.

  • The Media Insights tab provides you with an overview of all your landing page performance on a single page. Learn more about the Media Insights dashboard here

  • The Landing page Reports tab provides you with detailed metrics for your landing pages with multiple dimensions, which can be downloaded for further analysis. Learn more about the Landing page Reports here

Learn more about the other reports offered by us in this article

Looking for more help? Instructions to reach out to the support team are here.