This article provides you with instructions to generate and schedule custom media campaign reports based on your requirements.

We have pre-customized report templates for you, which cover the basic metrics to monitor for your live campaigns. Following are the custom report templates that are available in the reporting dashboard. 

  • Basic Performance: This template contains the metrics from the Ad platforms

  • Full Funnel Marketing: This report includes data from your Ad Platforms as well as metrics from Landing page performance

  • Audience Subscription Alert: This report contains data from your saved audience.

For custom report based on your requirement you can reach out to the support team here.

Once the requirements are communicated and understood the report will be promptly generated and added under the report section which will be readily accessible via the dropdown menu for download

Below are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Go to the Automation app and click on Reports

Step 2: Click on New Definition on the top right side of your screen

Step 3: Select the Report you want to generate from the drop-down

Step 4: Choose the required brands and platforms from the drop-down

Step 5: Select the required Dimensions, Attributes, and metrics

Step 6: Choose the frequency at which you would like to receive the report

Step 7: Add the recipients to the report and click Save

Step 8Go to the reports screen and click on the Generate Report button, and the report will be delivered to the recipients

Step 9: Once you click on the Generate Report button, you will receive a notification in the top-right corner of the application, as shown below:

The report history screen will show you the below feature:

  1. Execution Time Display: With the execution of a report, you'll see the exact time it took to generate the results. This helps you to understand when you can expect the data for a future run.
  2. View Report Definition: To view the parameters and criteria used to generate a report. You can easily access the report definition directly from the reporting history screen. Simply click on the "View Definition" option to review the details of any report.
  3. Cancel Running Reports: If the report is taking longer than expected or is no longer needed. you can cancel the report from the history screen. The "Cancel" option allows users to halt the execution of a running report, saving time and resources.

Looking for more help? Instructions to reach out to the support team are here