Recently we are seeing scenarios where the channel level views of a youtube channel having significant increment in terms of views. However the views of monthly inspirations tracked are not getting accounted to this change.

 Consider the below example

Monthly incremental views the channel has received during Oct-Dec 2022 is as below. The difference between the months comes in a difference of billions.

The incremental views received for Nov and Dec based on inspirations data that we have is as below


The change in views at channel level data contribution which is in billions mostly comes from the old videos uploaded in the channel, which are not captured in the crawl. These media channels upload almost 35-50 videos a day. 

When the brands were on boarded, we crawled max of up to 500 videos. Hence the old uploaded videos are not tracked or accounted on a monthly inspiration level basis.

Also these channels are promoting their old video via the Home section and getting significant reach for these videos.