Problem : In Visibilityleaderboard portal the new channel level views are less than  net new video views at inspiration level. Also there are -ve changes in the views. Not sure how one can undone what he viewed.

We did this analysis on 18-Jan-23, for a set of brands where the incremental views at channel level is less than inspiration level. brands like dotkey, alpino, bajajpulsar.

The sample details noted in the sheet (sheet url) is for the brand : Alpino

The sheet contains

Instant Youtube crawl done on 18-Jan-2023, Highlighted a youtube url which we will focus 

Youtube data from Elastic search on 02-jan-2023 

Youtube data from Elastic Search of date: 16-Jan-2023 

If we check the highlighted youtube url from above tables

2023 Jan 18Instant crawl
2023 Jan 2 ES
2023 Jan 16 ES

As per the data on 16 Jan 2023 we got the views as 31k which got reduced to 12k after 2 days. Found similar behaviour in other brands like dotkey,babaj pulsar