This feature allows you to download SDF (Structured Data File) files of the newest version (v6) for campaigns created via media plan upload in Discovery Commerce.

With this new functionality, simply navigate to the Automations --> Explore menu, locate the corresponding campaign, and under the Actions tab, access the option to download the SDF v6 file. 

We encourage customers who are on version 5.5 to start planning their upgrade to the latest version. The following fields are added to input sheets to process the information in SDF v6. 

Insertion Order
Proximity TargetingAudience Targeting - Similar Audiences
Proximity Location List Targeting
Line Item
Optimized TargetingSubtypeAudience Targeting - Similar Audiences
Primary Attribution Model IdTrueView Inventory Source Targeting
Proximity Location List TargetingTrueView Video Ad Formats
TrueView Ad Group
Audience Expansion LevelPopular Videos Bid Adjustment
Audience Expansion Seed List Excluded

Currently, both versions 5.5 and 6 are available for download. 

To know more about campaign creation in DV360, visit this link.