We're excited to announce the latest enhancements to our ad-hoc reporting functionality! In this release, we've added three new features to the reporting history screen, making it even easier for users to manage and interact with their reports. Here's what's new:

  1. Execution Time Display: Now, with each execution of a report, you'll see the exact time it took to generate the results. This helps you to understand when you can expect the data for a future run.
  2. View Report Definition: Need to view the parameters and criteria used to generate a report? You can now easily access the report definition directly from the reporting history screen. Simply click on the "View Definition" option to review the details of any report.
  3. Cancel Running Reports: In situations where a report is taking longer than expected or is no longer needed, you can now cancel the report from the history screen. The new "Cancel" option allows users to halt the execution of a running report, saving time and resources.

These additions enhance the usability and we hope you will find it user-friendly. To know more about scheduling custom reports, visit this article.