We are excited to announce a new update to our platform that enhances your ability to manage and monitor media campaigns with greater ease and consistency. This update introduces the option to view all performance data across the application in a single global currency—US Dollars (USD).

Key Benefits

  • Unified Reporting: Simplify your campaign performance analysis by viewing all metrics in USD, regardless of the advertiser's configured currency.
  • Consistent Data Interpretation: Eliminate the need for manual currency conversions, saving time and reducing the risk of errors.

How to Enable Global Currency Display

To switch your performance data to be displayed in USD, please contact our support team. Our representatives will assist you in making this change swiftly.


  • Scope: Global currency display will be available on all performance dashboard pages along with standard reports once it is enabled.
  • Historical Data: All historical data will also be displayed in USD for consistent reporting.


Please note that switching to global currency display will not have any impact on the following:

  • Inputs to campaign creation via dashboard or media upload and campaign optimisation will continue to accept ad account configured currencies.
  • Monetary values on campaign preview page will continue to be shown in ad account configured currencies.

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