Shopalyst Ads-builder allows you to create and manage effective campaigns on all major media platforms such as Google Ads, DV360, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon Ads, Twitter, and TikTok among others.

You can streamline your advertising process, save time, and optimize your ad campaigns to reach your target audience and achieve your marketing goals. Our platform features a user-friendly interface that is designed to simplify the campaign creation process.

Campaign Listing Screen

Campaign Listing Screen provides you with a preview of campaigns created across platforms on a single page. To access please follow the instructions provided in the following screengrab.

You will have a wide range of templates to choose from, including customized templates along with the standard ones offered by the platforms. Detailed information and instructions to utilize the templates are available at this link.

The campaign listing screen in Shopalyst AdBuilder provides filters that assist in narrowing down the search results to desired campaigns. These filters comprise various criteria, such as campaign name, Platforms, Brands, and tart and end dates of the campaign along with additional filters. 

  • Destination site filter for better search results:

The filter of "destination site" enables you to search campaigns based on the site host. Narrow your campaign listings to see campaigns that direct traffic to specific sites like Shopalyst comparison shopping, merchant sites, and your own pages along with 

Template type- Standard and Discovery commerce 

Campaign Type- Search, Display, and so on 

Campaign objective- Awareness, Reach, Traffic, etc

Ad format- Image, Video, Display, etc 

Geography-  Places and zipcodes( campaigns based on specific geographic locations). 

You can add multiple values for Brands, Platforms, Campaign Types, Campaign objectives, Ad formats and Geography under campaign listing screen.

For example: To look for the campaigns live on Facebook for date xxx till date yyy and the destination site as Nykaa. 

select the platform as Facebook> Select the brand for which you want to see the campaigns, select a start date and end date > click on the 3 bars logo, here select destination site host as Nykaa > add the filter and submit the changes this will show up in the `my campaigns` listing. 

Below is the video for reference: 


  • Visual Overview of Your Campaigns by Platform: 

    Preview Action in Campaign Listing Screen under Automations of Shopalyst Discovery Commerce Cloud. This allows you to review how your campaigns will be structured in the platform in which the campaign is publishedThis functionality provides insights into the specific layout and arrangement of ad sets, ads, and other relevant components on each platform.
    The Preview screen showcases a friendly interface, allowing you to navigate through the campaign structure. You can expand and collapse different sections to explore the hierarchical structure, making it easier to understand how the campaign will be presented to the target audience on each platform.

    This option serves as a valuable tool for campaign planning and optimization. It enables you to identify any potential issues or inconsistencies in the platform structure before launching the campaign. By visualizing the campaign structure in advance, you can make informed decisions and fine-tune strategies to ensure optimal performance and alignment with platform-specific requirements.

To know more about campaign performance and reporting, click here.

  • Ad preview for Universal App Ad Campaign running on Google ads: 

Within the campaign listing previews, you can catch a glimpse of Universal App ads that are currently active on Google ads. This ad preview feature is available for both iOS and Android platforms, making it easier to assess the performance of your App campaigns.

  • Facebook "sale-type" campaigns preview feature: 

Sale is the new type introduced by Facebook as part of simplifying the objectives into outcome-driven ad experiences (ODAX). To know more about Facebook ODAX click here

The ad preview will be visible for all Facebook campaigns with the 'sale' objective selected in the "campaign listing". Please note that if the campaign objective is not set to 'sale' during ad creation, the preview will not reflect for the same."

Facebook "sale-type" campaign listing. is shown in the below image for reference:

Download SDF Files for DV360 Campaigns ingested from Platform directly: 

Download SDF (Structured Data File) files for campaigns imported from the Display and Video 360 system to Shopalyst Ads Builder.

  • Simply navigate to the Automations --> Explore menu, locate the corresponding campaign, and under the Actions tab, access the option to download the SDF file.

  • This streamlined process enables you to seamlessly retrieve campaign data in a structured format, empowering you with greater flexibility and insights for your advertising efforts.

    The below video shows the SDF Download process:

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Looking for more help? Instructions to reach out to the support team are here.