We offer a range of templates that cater to specific outcomes for your marketing campaigns. These templates allow you to get started quickly and incorporate tailored recommendations for your target audience and landing page format.

Run a Survey

When the requirement is to capture the data or get insights on your products and services, these type of template will help as it will connect with potential customers and spark their curiosity about your offerings by using engaging survey ads.

The campaign objective will be Lead gen to collect the PII data.

Reduce CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) 

If the final goal is to reduce the customer acquisition cost that selecting this template helps focus on acquiring new customers at a lower cost. This template has a brand-friendly landing page and recommends acquisition audiences for your campaign.

Increase Life Time Value 

Use this template if you want to increase the Lifetime value of your customers by targeting existing audiences with a  shopping-friendly landing page format leading to a dynamic storefront focused on maximizing sales.


LTV allows you to select retailer and choice of destination on the retailer site (Product Page or Add-to-Cart) for supported merchants to provide a more engaging landing page that is focused on the marketing outcome.

The below videos show how easy is it to get started with this template.

Single Retailer Commerce

Activate Discovery Commerce ads with traffic driven to specific merchant sites. Provides a choice of PDP or Cart as the destination for supported merchants.

To begin using these templates, simply navigate to "New Campaign" located under "Ads Builder App" and follow the steps provided here

Multi-channel Commerce

Activate multi-channel Discovery Commerce Ads to simultaneously build awareness and drive e-commerce sales for your brand.