This article provides you with the  instructions for creating a campaign using discovery commerce templates:

Steps to create a campaign using discovery commerce templates

  1. Open the Ads Builder app and click on "New Campaign"

  2. Choose a template that aligns with the type of campaign you intend to create. 

  3. Select the brand from the drop-down and click next to process further/

  4. You can either select a creative from our library or add a new creative. For the latter, you have two options - video or image - and their respective specifications are outlined below.

    - Image: Supported file formats - jpeg/jpg/png/gif, Max File size- 50 MB

    - Video: Supported file format - mp4, Max File size- 50 MB

  5. Name the ad copy and click the "Next" button on the top right corner to process further

  6. Choose the products that you would like to showcase on your discovery commerce ad.

  7. Choose the platform on which you wish to publish your campaign. 

  8. In the next step, you will see the preview screen that shows the audience, ad creative, and the landing page in one single view. The Recommendations widget by default provides an appropriate target audience, ad video, and landing page format based on your specific Ad campaign objectives. Learn more about this feature by clicking here.

  9. Choose the advertiser id, and tracking pixel, and select the campaign dates

  10. Add a budget for the campaign, and name your campaign
  11. To publish your campaign, click on the "Create & Publish" button located in the top right corner.

12. Once the Ad campaign is saved as a draft click on the share button at the top right corner and you can preview your Discovery Commerce Ad Campaign by copying the URL.

This URL provides a secure and convenient way to share a preview of the content with clients or stakeholders.

This preview link will be secured and accessible to only the users who have access to the org/brand in the Shopalyst Ad Builder platform.


The preview screen allows you to review how your campaigns will be structured in the platform in which the campaign is publishedThis functionality provides insights into the specific layout and arrangement of ad sets, ads, and other relevant components on each platform.

You can expand and collapse different sections to explore the hierarchical structure, making it easier to understand how the campaign will be presented to the target audience on each platform. It enables you to identify any potential issues or inconsistencies in the platform structure before launching the campaign. 


If you wish to make changes to your existing Google Ads campaign click here

The platform provides an easier way to create single or multiple AdSets when publishing a campaign. While running the ad campaigns you can choose whether you want to combine the audiences from Shopalyst into a single ad set, or multiple ad sets when publishing the media campaigns. This allows advertisers to choose how to deploy the audiences for campaigns.

By publishing multiple AdSets based on audience selection, you can effectively reach and engage with diverse target groups, optimizing your Ad campaigns for better performance and outcomes.

Selection of multiple audiences in the Discovery Commerce Campaign

The template- single retailer and multi-channel offer a seamless flow for selecting multiple audiences that automatically generates individual ad sets or ad groups, corresponding to each of the audiences you've chosen. This new feature empowers you to efficiently target a diverse range of potential customers with precision and ease.

Looking for more help? Instructions to reach out to support are here.